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Mordhau bad matchmaking

Mordhau bad matchmaking

Some good news for a matchmaking time will be quite behind us at the moment companies simply hamilton has another company.

IT'S FINALLY HERE! Almost 45 minutes of all new information about Mordhau, with the first 20 minutes of the video comprised of new combat footage from the. I live in US east and queue in US east and i'm always thrown into an empty server. Why can't i qeue for both US east and west at the same time? over 3k players playing, queued so many times into empty servers, why??? My connection is good, and i live in US east, is everyone from europe or something? Where are the American players?.

So, what's the deal with matchmaking?

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Don't implement any sort of ranking in this game, multiplayer games don't need this addition it only divides the community and incentivices crap. Marko Grgurovič is raising funds for Mordhau on Kickstarter! Matchmaking with teh Eastern Invasion, I'd much prefer a bad ass set of maps. MORDHAU shooting up the Steam charts has had a negative effect The studio said that server stability remains its top priority, alongside matchmaker bugs. But it's bad news for fans hoping for a PS4 or Xbox One release.