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I just got back from the Hill talking to Cooley about sugar with Charlie Murphy. What are our problems now? You got the Kubitschek problem in Brazil. What are the hot ones?

You got an election in Chile.

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We got an election in Chile in September. We got this Foreign Ministers meeting which will probably take place in July on this Cuban, Https://lover-dover.online/cat3/1956-married-speed-dating-yes.php accusation against Cuba. Are you, have you got that worked out where you're going to get the kind of resolution that you want?

Well, we're going to get, I think, a fairly good one.

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We're having trouble with Mexico; Chile, because of its elections in September, probably going to vote against it; but we think that Brazil and Argentina will come along.

We've been working on, haggling over words. Bunker's working on it almost full time.

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I was talking, when you called, with the Mexican about it. Trying to get him to— President: Who do you mean, the Mexican?

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He's their OAS ambassador. Is he pretty difficult?

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No, he's on our side, but he's having trouble at home because of politics down there. They're fiddling with words that everybody can live with and— President: When does that come up? We think the first, within the first—it will be after the elections which in Mexico, which I believe are, it's on a Sunday, I think the 6th of July, the 5th of July.

Any question about the Mexican election? No, no, there's no question at all there.

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They've had some disturbances—you know the Commies are growing up in Mexicali, that's a serious problem for us, Mr. President—but I think we're making progress.

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How—Did you get Hayden 4 to agree to what you want to do on that water? We're still waiting for word from him, but the Secretary is going to see him again tomorrow.

He told me, Hayden told me, yesterday that he had agreed to go along with the State Department. Well, I think what he's doing is waiting on some kind of a political commitment from your office about the central Arizona project.

That's right, but he told me he'd agreed to go along with you all on the other one. I want to be sure it's satisfactory before I agree with him.

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Well, I think maybe that's where we are, that's the last word I had at noon today, that—I'll talk to the Secretary about it in the morning if I may— President: You be positive about that and tell him that he already told me he'd go dating in texas xxxi end the Secretary. I think he may infer back: He never has made it conditional that way, never has put it on that basis.

Well let me—I'll see the Secretary in the.

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